When Ohio Competes, Ohio Wins!




Ohio Business Competes is a nonpartisan coalition of businesses committed to achieving nondiscrimination policies at the state level in order to attract the best talent, to increase Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer relationships, and to grow Ohio’s economy.

Coalition Members

Ohioans from all walks of life believe discrimination has no place in the workplace. See the growing list of companies, communities and organizations that are committed to a prosperous and economically vibrant Ohio. 

The Economic Case

Discriminatory laws aren’t just bad for gay and transgender people—they are devastating for a state’s brand and economy.

Welcome Vistors

Today, 47% of meeting and convention planners say they will “absolutely avoid” booking meetings in states that pass anti-LGBT legislation.

Strengthen the Economy

When it comes to corporate relocations, expansions, and investments, recent events have shown that many companies are unwilling to make investments in LGBT-unfriendly states.

Attract Talent

In the war for talent, a state brand that is welcoming toward LGBT people matters – not just for LGBT workers, but for recruiting all talented workers.

Join Today

Inclusive nondiscrimination laws just make sense.
And, according to the Small Business Majority, 70% of Ohio small business owners agree.

If your company would like to join the coalition, contact us.